Who do you want to meet at the Maintenance Fair?
A new feature this year is the Maintenance Fair’s – Matchmaking, a completely new opportunity to expand your network and create business opportunities when you visit the fair. Maximize the value of your days at the Maintenance Fair by using our smart matchmaking tool, designed to make it easy for buyers and sellers to connect. Matchmaking will also serve as an important meeting place for the exchange of ideas and experiences that lead to improvements.

Here is a unique opportunity for you to create new contacts for future development and collaborations.

The service is free of charge and open to conference participants, fair visitors, speakers, and exhibitors. The number of meetings is limited, so it’s first-come, first-served. All meetings take place in person at the Maintenance Fair in our Matchmaking area, A03:54.

Register for Maintenance Fair’s Matchmaking today and complete your profile.
From February 19th, you will be able to request and accept physical meetings with other participants.