Quotes from Underhållsmässan

Voices from Underhåll 2020

“We had been investing heavily in this year’s Underhåll. For example, we had invited a speaker from the US and were planning to conduct a workshop on leadership in maintenance. Although the fair had to be cancelled half way through, our impression is very positive; we had a lot of visitors to the booth. We regard Underhåll as one of the absolute best events at the global level with a special focus on maintenance. As the world’s leading supplier of laser-based measurement and alignment systems, our company operates in some 70 countries. Therefore, we wholeheartedly support the fair’s ambition to increase its international character. We are really excited to be involved again in 2022.”

Mikael Terner, COO, Easy-Laser

”I visited Underhåll 2020 before it was interrupted, and my impression is very positive. Stena Recycling handles hazardous waste, among other things, and our supplier of hazardous waste equipment was present at the fair. They gave an interesting lecture and showed how explosions can be caused by batteries for electric scooters and how to store them. I also attended seminars on personal protection and smart maintenance. Our construction and production equipment require a lot of maintenance and we usually visit a number of suppliers at the fair. The alternative is to hold dozens of meetings in my office. With the event I could meet everyone in one place and take advantage of product news and software systems for maintenance. Very time effective! We are now looking forward to Underhåll 2022.”

Marika Björnum, Purchasing Manager, Stena Recycling

What some visitors said at the fair

Mattias Herlin, Machine Specialist, Skanska

“A very good fair with many interesting exhibitors, especially for our aftermarket business. But our main interest is keeping up to date, especially when it comes to the new digital technology.”


Martin Holm, Chief Technology Officer, Aqua Robur Technologies AB

“Extremely worthwhile with many companies under the same roof. Lots of contact making.”


Anders Ingvald, Linnaeus University.

“If you’re interested in maintenance, you should visit this fair.”


Joakim Simmergren, In-store Sales, Tools Sverige AB

“A well-organised fair with a calm atmosphere.”


Magnus Larsson, Maintenance Technician, Göteborgs Ventilservice AB

“A truly wonderful visit, made many new contacts.”


Robert Sandin, Uddevalla Kraft AB

“Yet another hit.”


Johan Johansson, Production Technician, Region Halland

“If you’re interested in maintenance technology, a visit to the Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre is a must.”


Mikael Larsson, Mechanic and Union Safety Representative, Ovako Sweden

“A complete and worthwhile fair for many people.”


Martin Holm, Chief Technology Officer, Aqua Robur Technologies AB

“Extremely valuable with so many companies here under the same roof. Lots of contact making.”