Welcome to Underhållsmässan 2022!

Europe's no. 1 maintenance trade fair and conference 15-18 March 2022

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Europe´s no. 1 maintenance trade fair and conference

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The meeting place for the entire maintenance community

Underhåll 2022 ”the Maintenance Trade Fair and Conference” is Europe’s largest and fastest growing meeting place covering all aspects of industrial operations and maintenance. An industry-wide forum where technicians and decision makers right across the maintenance value chain can see the technology of the future and share experiences.

There is simply no other event that deals with maintenance-related issues with the same breadth and depth. Thousands of visitors working in all industrial and real estate sectors develop their maintenance strategy based on what they learn here.

Welcome to Underhållsmässan 15-18 March 2022!

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Three out of five are affected —hidden work injuries now brought to light

01 November / 2021

A major European study reveals that 57 per cent of workers, i.e. almost three in every five, suffer from stress-related injuries. The issue is rarely discussed, but at the Safety Officer Days in March 2022, the focus is on this far-reaching problem in the work environment. - We must bring about a change, says Conny Lundberg of IF Metall. The symptoms vary, from mild ailments to serious and chr...

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After the pandemic: the lifting industry gets a lift

01 November / 2021

The lifting and equipment handling industry is heading for a record year. The final phase of the pandemic led to a sharp upswing, both in terms of investments in new smart technology and in digital service solutions. We gauge the current situation in a sector that is sizzling, imbued with faith in the future. Cranes and overhead cranes, service systems and equipment for material handling const...

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“Nobody wants to maintain something that is not visible”

06 September / 2021

W&W (water and wastewater management) lags behind in the development of preventive maintenance. Something that can lead to unnecessary leakages and interruptions, which in turn can lead to destruction, significant costs and extensive work. In a conversation with four industry representatives, we learn about the challenges that W&W currently faces – and the reasons behind the short lifecycl...

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"There’s so much to discover here. I make it a point to encourage my staff to go to the fair as a kind of skill-boosting ex...



"This year’s fair was by far the best! We made a lot of new, serious contacts at the fair."



We had a lot more visitors than previous years. A good mix of decision makers and technicians."

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What is maintenance?

Maintenance is a collective term for measures taken to avoid breakdowns and failures of systems and products (preventive maintenance) or measures taken to repair systems or products that have already broken down or failed (corrective maintenance). Both kinds of maintenance work have common benefits – they improve the reliability and extend the service life of products and systems, which also increases their availability and profitability.


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