Underhåll 2018

Europe's No.1 Maintenance Trade Fair and Conference

Underhåll 2018 will open in

Europe´s no. 1 maintenance trade fair and conference

Underhåll is more than a trade fair with its main focus on manufacturing. It is also a vital, cross-industry meeting place. Over 300 companies exhibit at Underhåll. And more than 10,000 visitors from all kinds of industries and sectors flock to the event.

With its focus on the key issues facing industry, Underhåll as a meeting venue contributes to a greater understanding of the way proper maintenance can help to boost profitability in all kinds of industries and branches, as well as in the public sector.

Industry is going digital and becoming smarter! Connected machines are generating huge amounts of data that can be used to plan maintenance more efficiently. This is already saving money, labour and the environment. But how does it work? And what have other companies done? We are taking these questions into account when setting up the Underhåll 2018 programmes and activities in the following areas:

  • Productivity
  • Digitisation
  • Sustainable Maintenance
  • Industrial Safety
  • Additive Manufacturing

What is maintenance?

Maintenance is a collective term for measures taken to avoid breakdowns and failures of systems and products (preventive maintenance) or measures taken to repair systems or products that have already broken down or failed (corrective maintenance). Both kinds of maintenance work have common benefits – they improve the reliability and extend the service life of products and systems, which also increases their availability and profitability.

New: Maintenance Summit

During Underhåll (13-16 March 2018) we are launching the brand new event – the Maintenance Summit Conference. The conference, organised by us in association with the national organisation, Swedish Maintenance, will feature widely recognised experts on maintenance, providing in-depth insights into the most vital challenges now facing industry, with special focus on maintenance technologies and production monitoring and management.

Your biggest challenges?

Tell us about your biggest challenges. There could be people from companies you would be interested in listening to at Underhåll 2018. Send an e-mail to tipsa@underhall.se and we’ll get back to you.




"There’s so much to discover here. I make it a point to encourage my staff to go to the fair as a kind of skill-boosting ex...



"This year’s fair was by far the best! We made a lot of new, serious contacts at the fair."



We had a lot more visitors than previous years. A good mix of decision makers and technicians."

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