Welcome to Underhållsmässan 2022!

Europe's no. 1 maintenance trade fair and conference 15-18 March 2022

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Europe´s no. 1 maintenance trade fair and conference

The meeting place for the entire maintenance community

Underhåll 2022 ”the Maintenance Trade Fair and Conference” is Europe’s largest and fastest growing meeting place covering all aspects of industrial operations and maintenance. An industry-wide forum where technicians and decision makers right across the maintenance value chain can see the technology of the future and share experiences.

There is simply no other event that deals with maintenance-related issues with the same breadth and depth. Thousands of visitors working in all industrial and real estate sectors develop their maintenance strategy based on what they learn here.

Welcome to Underhållsmässan 15-18 March 2022!

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SEIIA will solve the Swedish industry’s lack of global standards

23 March / 2021

For a long time, Swedish industry has felt the lack of international standards with regard to interoperability, i.e., the ability of different systems to function and communicate with each other. SEIIA (the Swedish Industrial Interoperability Association) was born with the goal of bringing together...

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The high pace of development in production and maintenance in Swedish industry

22 March / 2021

Underhåll, the Swedish Maintenance Fair, had a digital coffee break with the Chairman of the Board of the national organisation, the Swedish Maintenance Society (Svenskt underhåll). We took the opportunity to ask how she sees the future and which trends are currently most noticeable in the maintenance industry. Mia Ilkko, Svenskt U...

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Safety officers gather at Maintenance 2022: how can we achieve the zero vision?

22 March / 2021

The number of deaths in Swedish workplaces has fallen sharply in the past year. But the journey towards the zero vision has a long way to go. –To achieve the vision, a new mindset is required for everyone who works in industry, says Björn Gustavsson, chief safety officer at the chemical giant Borealis in Stenungsund. Björn Gustavs...

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"There’s so much to discover here. I make it a point to encourage my staff to go to the fair as a kind of skill-boosting ex...



"This year’s fair was by far the best! We made a lot of new, serious contacts at the fair."



We had a lot more visitors than previous years. A good mix of decision makers and technicians."

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What is maintenance?

Maintenance is a collective term for measures taken to avoid breakdowns and failures of systems and products (preventive maintenance) or measures taken to repair systems or products that have already broken down or failed (corrective maintenance). Both kinds of maintenance work have common benefits – they improve the reliability and extend the service life of products and systems, which also increases their availability and profitability.




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