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"We need to get better at talking to machines”

05 December / 2019

Digitalisation has no willpower of its own. That is why it is important to understand the interaction between people and new technology, says Tobias Ahlin, a designer, programmer, innovator and former design manager at Mojang, where he worked on the global hit, Minecraft. How would you describe the digital transformation currently under way? - Digital transformation has a huge impact on how...

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At AstraZeneca, maintenance can take its place in decision-making

04 December / 2019

Digitalisation is approximately 90 percent about people and 10 percent about technology. That’s why leadership is extremely important, says Jerry Johansson, who is Head of Engineering, Maintenance & Asset Management at AstraZeneca in Södertälje. How is AstraZeneca working with digitalisation and maintenance? - Since we have very high requirements for quality and for documentation, w...

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Changing behaviour is the biggest challenge

02 December / 2019

Industry is facing two major changes – to digitalise its processes and to work more sustainably. Sara Davidsson, Sustainability Manager at Midroc, believes that the biggest challenge is to change perspectives and values.   Our impact on the climate casts a shadow over the present day. But the climate issue is closely linked to many other issues that industry needs to solve in order to c...

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Combining technologies can hinder the cyberattacks of the future

02 December / 2019

AI and blockchain contribute to more efficient processes, lower costs and greater security. According to Essy Dahlin, Digital Strategy Advisor at Sogeti, combining these technologies is the only way to keep hackers out in the future.   What is the cost to industry of downtime? - Gartner estimates that the cost of downtime for factories amounts to about five percent of their productive...

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Success is achieved through leadership

18 November / 2019

Terrence O´Hanlon is the Chief Executive Officer of and an asset management leader specializing in reliability and operational excellence. He believes that being a reliability leader is realizing a future that wasn’t going to happen anyway.  What is reliability leadership? – World-class organizations recognize that success is achieved through leadership. However, they als...

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