Quotes from Underhållsmässan

Quotes from Underhållsmässan 2022

“For us it was given to exhibit at the Maintenance Fair. The reason is simple: many of our customers, even potential customers, are here. We decided early on to make a full commitment at this year’s fair. In addition to the stand, we do a lot of marketing efforts on site. Visitors to the stand have been of extremely high quality. So we are more than satisfied. We haven’t just got leads, we’ve basically got customers who have come here and confirm that they have chosen us as a supplier.”

Erik Askensjö, CEO, Schaeffler Sverige

“This is one of the best fairs we have been to. We have met motivated visitors and received many hot leads.” MaintMaster, which develops and sells maintenance systems, has exhibited at the Maintenance Fair for two decades. And when experienced salesman Tomas Eriksson compares this year’s fair with previous ones, his opinion is clear: “At this year’s fair the visitors we have received on the stand have been of a high quality. We have not experienced such high quality since 2010 or maybe 2006.”

Tomas Eriksson, Sales Development, Representative, MaintMaster


What some visitors said at the fair

Joakim Harrysson, Key Account Manager, IMAB

“Many of our suppliers are here at the Maintenance Fair. This is the only opportunity to meet everyone at the same time. It’s important to keep up with developments, there is so much happening in the maintenance area. I have seen several innovations on the stands, so it feels very rewarding.”

Jonas Nilsson, Underhållstekniker, Polykemi

“It is always interesting to learn about new products. For my part, I am mainly looking for vacuum pumps and pumping equipment. The best thing about the Maintenance Fair is that it is easy to make valuable contacts, which can lead to business relationships.”

Johan Jonsson, Plant Manager, Falkenberg Energi

“I’m here to make contacts. Especially about what to consider when working alone. Products for safety, fall protection, breathing and rescue equipment, etc. Complying with the Swedish Work Environment Authority’s requirements and reducing the number of accidents is a priority for us. There is a wide range of products at Underhållsmässan.”