Educational activities at Underhållsmässan

Dematek offers free traverse training with VR for Easy Lift

During Underhållsmässan, Dematek offers training in Easy Lift where the practice is carried out in VR. Take the chance to raise your or your employees' skills and test the very latest technological advances in the world of education.

Time: March  12-15, 1 hour
Booth A04:22
(The workshop is held in Swedish.)

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Easy Laser: Installation and commissioning – How to flatten the infant mortality curve

Even when you install a rotary machine, you are laying the foundation for how well and how long it will work. In this workshop, we'll go over best practices for reliable machine installation, and what you need to keep in mind to minimize unnecessary wear and tear on bearings, shafts and other moving parts. Theory is mixed with practical exercises.

Time: March 14, 14:00-16:00
Conference room R2
(The workshop is held in English.)


Operator training of the future is virtual - Operator training in VR

In this workshop you will get an insight into how operator training of the future with the help of VR can become a reality. Participants will receive an introduction to the technology and ongoing research in the subject. There is also the opportunity to test both being trained in VR and developing training material for VR in the game engine Unity.

Time: March 15, 10:00-11:00
Place: Conference room R31
(The workshop is held in Swedish.)