Billerud focuses on the green transition

Billerud is visiting Underhållsmässan 2024, the Swedish Maintenance Fair, and hopes to have rewarding meetings and exchanges of knowledge with industry colleagues, generating innovative solutions for the industry’s future challenges.

– The great value for us is the networking that the Maintenance Fair offers. It is a broad spectrum from small to large companies and spans many industries with a common goal – maintenance, says Mats Johansson, project manager at Billerud.

Billerud, formerly BillerudKorsnäs, supplies climate-efficient packaging materials made from recycled materials. Mats Johansson, former maintenance manager and now a project manager at the company, is responsible for everything from implementing new operational systems to developing maintenance systems.

– The most important thing for us is to develop our safety work while focusing on the green transition – that we turn our maintenance around so that we become even more sustainable than we already are, Mats says.

He continues:

– Being sustainable is partly about not buying new stuff but instead using and taking care of what you have. Proper maintenance creates a more sustainable business for us. We take care of the things we have and use them fully. When we think we need to replace something, we have time to make a reliable investment and make sure that sustainability is always considered.

When it comes to successful safety work, Mats Johansson says that high operational and personal safety is the top priority. He explains that these are closely linked and one of the toughest challenges to manage in the industry. Successfully ensuring both operational safety and personal safety is a common goal, and it is expected to be one of many discussion topics during the Swedish Maintenance Fair.
The central meeting place for the entire industry
Mats Johansson attended the Swedish Maintenance Fair in 2022 as a speaker and talked about Billerud’s work with climate-smart packaging materials. In 2024, he will participate as a visitor and is looking forward to many rewarding meetings and knowledge exchanges.

– It’s fantastic to be able to gather and exchange experiences with each other and help everyone to meet their goals. It will be tough, but it can only happen through collaboration. There is great value in networking and meeting people with the same problems. Finding solutions together despite working in different industries, he says.

Mats concludes by underlining that the Swedish Maintenance Fair is a central meeting place for the entire industry:

– It’s where you meet and discuss. It has great value. The fair is so well established, and many have already programmed in 2024. It’s important that we move on now and adapt to the world around us so that we can keep up.

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