Europe's leading meeting place in smart maintenance

Europe´s no. 1 maintenance trade fair and conference

On March 12-15, 2024, the Maintenance Fair takes place – a cross-industry meeting place with a focus on the future of sustainable maintenance. The trade fair premiered in 1984 and has since steadily developed into a modern arena for the latest technology, but also for the exchange of experience and skill development.

In 2024, the Maintenance Fair celebrates 40 years, which we of course will pay attention to!

Who visit Underhållsmässan?

Meet decision-makers and buyers from the following sectors and job titles/roles, among others.


  • Automotive industry
  • Building and construction industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Computer, electronics-/optic industry
  • Education/training
  • Electicity, gas heating and cooling
  • Electrical installation/electrial automation
  • Food and beverage industry
  • Heat/water/ventilation
  • Infrastructure planning
  • Inspection/controll
  • IT- and telecom
  • Lubricant and lubrication technology
  • Machinery and Tool industry
  • Media/communication
  • Metal products industry
  • Mineral mining/extraction
  • Oil and gas
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Printing
  • Programming and IT-consulting
  • Port industry
  • Public sector
  • Pulp and stationery industry
  • Real estate- /property management
  • Recycling/cleaning/sawage industry
  • Repair and Service
  • Research & Development
  • Rubber- and plastic industry
  • Sanitation
  • Sawmill, construction and packaging industry
  • Steel- and metal industry
  • Stone-, concrete- and glass industry
  • Technical Consulting Services
  • Textiles and clothing industry
  • Transport (incl.shipping comp)
  • Wholesale/Retail
  • Warehousing and logistics


  • CEO
  • CFO
  • Civil engineer
  • Construction manager
  • Constructor
  • Consultant
  • Electrical- /Automation engineer
  • Electrician
  • Environmental manager
  • HR Manager
  • IT Director/Manager
  • Logistics managers/engineers
  • Maintenance manager
  • Maintenance engineer
  • Maintenance technician
  • Marketing manager
  • Mechanical engineer
  • Operator
  • Operations engineer
  • Operations manager
  • Operations technician
  • Plant Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Production Manager
  • Production- and maintenance Coordinator
  • Production engineer
  • Project manager
  • Purchasing manager
  • Quality manager
  • Repair/installation
  • Safety representative
  • Sales manager
  • Security/Safety manager
  • Service manager
  • Service technician
  • Site manager
  • Student
  • Supervisor- /Team leader
  • Sustainability manager
  • Teacher/ Educator
  • Technical manager
  • Technical consultant
  • Unit manager


"There’s so much to discover here. I make it a point to encourage my staff to go to the fair as a kind of skill-boosting ex...



"This year’s fair was by far the best! We made a lot of new, serious contacts at the fair."



We had a lot more visitors than previous years. A good mix of decision makers and technicians."

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From Underhåll

Good reasons to exhibit

  • The perfect showcase
    Underhåll is the perfect showcase for your products, technology and services. Be sure to show your solutions to customers who are keen to find new suppliers and invest.
  • Win new sales, make new contacts
    Save time and money on sales meetings – meet visitors who decide on purchases and look for new suppliers.
  • Raise your brand
    Give your brand visibility at the heart of the maintenance and operations community, among the key decision makers, the leading suppliers and the technological innovators
  • Deepen relationships with existing cutomers
    Welcome your customers to pre-arranged meetings. It’s the perfect opportunity to discuss projects and boost sales.