Smart Factories

Smart Factories introduces tomorrow’s innovators to Industry 4.0
smarta fabriker

The Smart Factory Project provides a platform for building skills and disseminating knowledge about industrial digitisation. Some 50 companies and 80 students from colleges, vocational colleges, and adult vocational training schemes worked in association with Gothenburg Technical College (Dept. of Upper Secondary School Education) to build a demonstration smart factory. The Smart Factory was designed with two aims – to train people who are already working, and to give younger people a picture of industry and technology.

• See examples of the way schools and industry have collaborated to ensure the future supply of skills.
• Experience close-up demonstrations of a smart factory with associated exhibitions and workshops.
• Discuss relevant issues regarding industrial digitisation.

The project has its background in the Swedish Government’s New Industrialisation Strategy, which was announced in January 2016. The strategy underlines that access to the right skills is crucial to how Sweden takes advantage of the potential afforded by digitisation and thereby meets the increasing competition from abroad. Digitisation offers huge scope for developing industry that is not only smarter, but also more sustainable; industry that makes possible smart workplaces where people interact with automation and thereby create high levels of competitiveness.

The Smart Factory Project is run by Gothenburg Technical College, which acts as an intermediary between various participants in the project – companies, schools, colleges, universities and various organisations. A basic thrust of the project is to task students in developing and driving its construction phase, thereby creating role models and inspiring young people to choose technical studies.