Girls into industry

The Underhåll Fair featured a networking meeting in Gothenburg for girls who are considering a career in industry. Women in leading positions in business and the academic world will take part in the event.

The aim of the meeting was to encourage and inspire young girls, in particular, to think seriously about working in industry by highlighting the opportunities and career paths.

The panel opened the meeting by describing its perception of current trends and tendencies. This was followed by an informal conversation on what it is like to be a women working in industry, the skills required, and some exciting new initiatives.

The subjects under discussion included Ways of Creating Change, Possibilities and Opportunities of Digitisation, New Careers and Trends in Career Choices, Statistics from the Education Sphere, and much more. No doubt, all kind of opinions, strongly held views and even prejudices was aired during the meeting.

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Ewa Ekman

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Åsa Fasth


Victoria Von Camp