Plantvision to broadcast the Beyond Tomorrow podcast live from Underhållsmässan

“There are episodes for everyone no matter what level you are at in maintenance.”

In collaboration with the Swedish Maintenance Fair and Plantvision, the Beyond Tomorrow podcast will broadcast live on all four days of the fair, with exciting content on topics such as predictive maintenance, plant documentation, digital twins and AI, to name a few. Experts will take maintenance to new heights. You will gain important new knowledge, fresh insights and exciting perspectives.

One of the experts who will be broadcasting at the event is Filip Abrahamsson, Senior Consultant from Plantvision:

– The episodes will touch on maintenance at all levels, ranging from day-to-day life with examples of what maintenance means, to the more advanced levels of AI and machine learning, technical documentation and maintenance systems of the future.

With a background as an operations engineer, Filip has extensive experience in all aspects of maintenance, from planning and executing maintenance operations to asset management, system management and additive manufacturing. With his heart in maintenance, Filip is looking forward to sharing and spreading insights and knowledge at the fair:

– This will be great fun! I love maintenance, but my heart beats a little faster for additive manufacturing in maintenance; there are so many exciting things coming in that area now, such as 3D printing and 3D scanning and how it could be applied in maintenance.

He continues:

– What is also so exciting about maintenance is all the different levels there are. Everything from simple maintenance plans on excel sheets to more advanced solutions with ‘mixed reality’ with AR and everything in between using mobile tools. For this reason, we’ll be broadcasting episodes that have something for everyone, a bit of a ‘dig where you stand’ theme. Most people can improve things according to their own circumstances, and the aim is for listeners to take valuable insights home with them.

The podcast will also include episodes based on case studies, real stories from the experts’ everyday life to inspire, share insights and experiences with the audience. In total, there will be about 16 episodes spread over all four days of the fair and the broadcast takes place in the middle of the fair floor in what is called the ‘podcast cage’. Now we’re taking maintenance to the next level. See you on the exhibition.